2019 "LOST"                             Umeda Theater Drama City(Osaka)

         "Nuvole Bianche(Solo)"  EngekiBar Eggplant (Hyogo)

   "Nostalgia Tragedy"       KIITO Hall (Hyogo)


2018   "Indirect"                            Amagasaki Archaic Hall(Hyogo)

           "What is the problem?"     Rokusuien Miyamizu Hall(Hyogo)                     "Interface/innerface "  #2  Rokusuien Miyamizu Hall(Hyogo)  

        "Another Dan Of Sun"     Alfta Park outside stage

                                                          Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater(Sweden)


2017   "Not equal"                          Panda cafe(Kobe) ,
                                                         Pine Brooklyn(Osaka)

2017   "About taking risks"           Umeda Theater Drama City(Osaka)

2016   "FENCE"                 Kobe bunka Hall (mid) (Kobe)
                                                         Viskrofors Balleten Outside stage(Sweden)
2016   "Continuity"        Umeda Theater Drama City(Osaka)   
2016   "Is it right? Is it wrong?"   Space Eauuu(Kobe)、Studio Point(Osaka)
2015   "Nina and Nana"                 Viskrofors Balleten Outside stage(Sweden)

2015   "Invisible"                            Umeda Theater Drama City(Osaka)


2014   "One Thing or Another"     Ashiya Luna Hall

2014   "feeler"                                 Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater(Sweden),
                                                       Umeda Theater Drama City(Osaka)

2013   "Profile"                                Mei Theater(Osaka)

2013   "Pah"                                     Viskrofors Balleten Outside stage(Sweden)

2012   "Shair"                                   Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater(Sweden),
                                                          University settlement (NYC)

                                                          EngekiBar Eggplant (Hyogo, Japan)

2011   "Picture In The Frame"      Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater (Sweden),
                                                         DNA Theater(NYC),City Center Studio (NYC),
                                                         University Settlement (NYC)

2011   "Flash light in NYC"  collaboration with Miho Ohgai, a glass artist ,
                                                        On  Mulberry Street (NY, USA)

2010   "想望ーSoubou"               The Tank Theater ( NYC)

2010   "Equal Not"                        City Center Studio (NYC),Chez Bushwick (NYC)
                                                        Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater (Sweden)

2009   "LinkAge"     --- commissioned for New Steps Series 2009
                                                        Chen Dance Center (NYC),DNA Theater (NYC)
                                                        Viskrofors Gymnastic Theater (Sweden)