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I want to make happen an exchange project call 'Japan Art Collaboration 2020' next year.


 Details of the Project


I will invite youth dancers from Sweden, and they will have a 4 day workshop together. On the last day, they will have a chance to perform on stage.


Day 1 to 3 (Aug 18,19,20th) 

Workshops and rehearsals together in rehearsal spaces in Osaka city.


Day 4 (Aug 21st) 

They will perform as a part of  ※'Horsetail Contemporary Dance Showcase Vol.2'. The show will be held at 'Express Koko’  in Kokoplaza in Osaka city. (Japanese site)


I expect because both youth dancers have the same interests for dance, they can easily be frank and understand each other.


In WS, they can show their own pieces and have time to create together, and make deep conversation about art. Therefore they will know how other country people think or feel about each countries, be able to share the importance to tell their own opinions or thoughts with words, and obtain deeper understanding about globalization.


Also, I believe that sharing one good stage together gives them a strong connection, they will have the opportunity to create long lasting friendships.



What isHorsetail Contemporary Dance Showcase Vol.2?


This is the dance showcase for undiscovered contemporary dancers and choreographers, curated by AccoDance members. The first show happened in 2019, May in Kobe, Japan. The performers will be selected by open call from not so famous artists who has just graduated or who have been active underground. This event was established with the aim of supporting the underground artists who are not able to act as expected.



While living in NY I had a chance to look at Japan from an outside perspective. I was able to appreciate the many beautiful points of Japan on the one hand and on the other hand have a new appreciation and curiosity for the view points from this new culture. I began to see that there are many points of view and ways to see the world beyond what I knew from only living in Japan. In NY there are so many cultures, religions, which shape each persons individual identity and perspective. Looking at the world and life from a different point of view is what makes the arts the arts and gives us the ability to connect with other cultures through expression and understanding. This realization is the reason I feel it is so important for our youth to see the world and connect with people who may have a different perspective so that they can learn from each other and grow as artist and individuals. However, traveling can be costly and, with younger students, safety is important. That is why I created this page to provide a way for students to achieve these goals. 




My name is Akiko Tomikawa I live in Japan as a contemporary dance artist. After experiencing the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Disaster, I realized that we never know when we will die. Then I decided not to escape from the things what I want to do. When I got allowed to involve in a professional ballet company in Kobe, I chose not to go to University. I had belonged to that company for 10 years, I then decided to widen my view to the world and move to New York to learn and perform contemporary dance.


I had really fantastic experiences in NY even if I was a bit poor. Life in NYC changed my childish mind to grow up. Also, I met so many great people there.


Many of my friends who I had met in NYC through dance art are very active all over the world recently, and I want to spread out our art spirit to the artistic community in Japan using these connections. 


This Spring, I have started my own dance group as Artistic Crossed Collaborators of Dance (AccoDance). Even if there was a limit only by myself, the company made possible to hold a bit bigger events with dividing roles. Recently I started new classes for youth dancers, I feel I am growing with my company.